Many times entities such as churches and small municipalities find it hard to borrow money from conventional sources like banks at good rates and reasonable terms.  In some of these cases they may decide to issue bonds to investors in order to raise the money that they need to complete a project such as a building, building improvements or to simply provide cash flow.  Although Sunwest does not create or underwrite this type of investment we can help the issuer and underwriter by offering our services as trustee, escrow agent, registrar and paying agent.

Sunwest Escrow can also serve as trustee, escrow agent, registrar, and paying agent for stock/ bond issues.  As escrow agent Sunwest Escrow will accept investments on behalf of the issuer and once the minimum escrow is met Sunwest Escrow will release funds to the issuer and continue accepting funds until the issue is closed.

As registrar Sunwest Escrow will record and maintain all of the ownership records for stock/ bond issues and assist in mailings and correspondence between the issuer and its investors.  Finally, as paying agent Sunwest Escrow will accept and disburse all principal and, interest as called for by the trust indenture in the case of bonds or the disbursement of dividends in a stock issue.  With Sunwest Escrow’s software the issuer can have online access to their account to see free grammar checker their escrow account and the funds available for payment of principal and interest on bonds.  For more information about this serve call the bond department at Sunwest Escrow.