Continuing Education for Real Estate Brokers! Open to anyone.  You do not have to be a Real Estate Broker to attend.

Terry White, CEO of Sunwest Escrow, Inc., teaches continuing education classes for realtors throughout New Mexico. The classes include: Real Estate Contracts/Seller Financing, “The Basics”, for four hours of continuing education; Wrap Around Real Estate Contracts, for two hours of continuing education; Real Estate, The IRA Alternative, for four hours of continuing education and Real Estate Contract Terminations, for two hours of continuing education and Real Estate Contract Amendments and Reinstatements for two hours of continuing education. Although these classes are conducted primarily for realtors, Terry welcomes anyone who would like to attend.

If you are not a realtor and would like to attend any of these classes, please contact the class sponsor for registration information and requirements.

The following is a list of classes scheduled. Please continue to check this site for additional classes as they are scheduled during the year. Seating is limited, please call Susan at 938-3822 to make a reservation.

Classes are located at Sunwest Escrow, 10600 Menaul Blvd NE in the Harold Thompson Classroom.


Check back in the fall for classes

Course Descriptions

Real Estate Contracts, Owner Financing “The Basics”

This is a basic introduction to owner financing mainly using Real Estate Contracts. In this class you will learn how and when to use a real estate contract and what additional information is required to create a real estate contract. You will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using real estate contracts. This is a great course for anyone new or experienced in owner financing. Here is what a few former attendees had to say about the class:

“Wonderful examples, very good class and great take-away information”

“Excellent information and interaction with instructor”

“Practical, easy to follow and apply!”

Real Estate, The IRA Alternative

Did you know that you could purchase real estate with the funds in your individual retirement account? If you said no, well you are not alone. In this class you will learn the basic types of individual retirement accounts available for the purchase of real estate and how you begin the process of helping your clients decide if real estate might be an investment for their IRA. You will walk through the steps to purchasing real estate and real estate related investment with an IRA. This course will open up additional funding possibilities you didn’t even know existed. Here is what a few former attendees had to say about this class:

“New information and lots of creative ideas!”

“Good class with new ideas for my own use as well as my clients”

“A great education! I’m going to let everyone know about buying real estate this way”

Wrap-Around Real Estate Contract

Have you ever heard of an “illegal wrap”? Do you know what that means? Well there are several reasons to create a wrap-around real estate contract and there are many types of liens that can be wrapped. Wraps do come with their own complications. You will learn the hows and whys of wrap real estate contracts and you will discuss the problems and possible solutions involved with wraps. If you have ever wondered how a wrap works this class is a must. Here is what a few former attendees had to say about this class:

“Relevant to times”

“Good detail on problems and solutions”

“Great education”

Real Estate Contract Termination

Everyone has heard about how easy and fast a termination of a real estate contract is, but how many of you have actually done it? In this class you will walk step by step through the process and discuss how along the way you might run into problems. You will have a much better understanding of how the process works and how the buyer and seller each have an opportunity to protect their investment. Here is what a few former attendees had to say:

“I learned more than I anticipated! Good info and depth of experience related to topic!”

“Very applicable to our market, engaging, good flow, interesting, easy to ask questions”

“Very informative and well taught”

Real Estate Contract Amendments and Reinstatements

Terminating a contract is not always the best answer and is not the only option that a seller has if the buyer is in default. Have you every thought that a buyer had some real problems and only needed some time to get things worked out and would then be a good payer? Well if that was the case what does the buyer do? This class will talk about amending contracts and how that can be done. We will also discuss reinstating contacts, how and when that might be appropriate. Here is what a few former attendees had to say about this class:

“I love the open discussion”

“Great class, lots of info, experienced instructor”

“Very informative!”